Rosacea and Loving Yourself

Published: 02nd July 2010
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What on earth has rosacea got to do with self love you ask?

Are you mad, you ask?

Rosacea is not fun it does not have a lovable bone in its body.

It constantly drains energy and causes angst among it's suffers and those around who see and feel the agony of those who have this rash on their face.

But that is exactly my point. So bear with me for a moment while I unfold this idea for you. Because you will find that your feelings and emotions have a great deal of relevance to this and in fact any other disease.

How do you overcome the feelings and emotions related to rosacea?

The ones where you feel downcast and or just a bit hopeless because the rash is not going away no matter what you do?

What I began to understand as I investigated my cure from rosacea was that I had to change my mind about a lot of things. Not the least being how I felt and thought about myself and how I treated myself. Even when the rash was there and I awake to a new day with the same rash.

I had to change my mind!

It wasn't that I thought a few nice things and whammo rosacea gone or anything as simplistic as that. What I read about the mind body connection and healing (especially from people who had cancer) was that you had to start loving yourself and treating your body with the same respect... ( rosacea or no rosacea).

I know it wasn't and still isn't the easiest thing to do, but the payoff has been fantastic as it is part of the whole package of my cure. One of learning; making mistakes and then learning some more, because I knew that to cure rosacea there isn't a quick fix, but I knew I could do it if I put all the aspects of my research into action together.

The best was a positive attitude 24/7. Not just occasionally or every now and then, but all the time even when I had a flare up.

So that my attitudinal healing became a habit; a good habit, one where I became happy to carry out the tasks I'd set myself for my cure and not give into feelings of despair. I made a choice.

In short I learned to calm my emotions and love myself.

There is so much that has been researched and written about the mind/body connection and the power of a good attitude to heal, both in the mainstream hospitals and in the natural healing clinics.

One of my main sources of information and guidance has been the Mayo Clinic in America which you can easily look up on the net yourself.

Does all this take practice?

Of course it does!

You will at some stage find a new life and at some stage even be grateful for the experience.

But we won't jump that far ahead. Just know that you can heal and there is a way out.

Cheers and all the best with your cure

Sam Speers

My book "Cure Your Rosacea" along with much other information can be found at

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